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Name Your "Favorite Female-Impersonator !!

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#16 Lex



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Posted 12 December 2002 - 08:08 PM

Oh, the beautiful Candi Stratton! I forgot all about her. Congrats to her upcoming marriage to Matt from tgconnect.com!
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#17 Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams


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Posted 13 December 2002 - 01:39 AM

As an entertainer there are so many who are great in their on way but those that have inspired me with my goals (fingers crossed) are as follows:

Sirrocco---Lovely entertainer in Ohio
Sable Chanel
Monica Munro---My Idol
Chlesea Pearl---hometown inspirtation
Ashley Kruiz---Her grace on stage
Chevelle Brooks and Kofi for their overwhelming individuality.

I hope someday in future to be graced enough to see my name on someone list.

Much Love
Wendy Williams
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Wendy Williams,

Miss. Georgia Renaissance 2004
Miss. Madame's FI 2004
Miss. Boardwalk FI 2004
Miss. Tampa Bay FI 2004
Miss. Pride of South Florida 2003

**Top 12 Miss Gay Usofa 2003 and 2004
**2nd Runner Up Miss Florida FFI 2004
**2nd Runner Up Miss Renaissance 2004


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Posted 13 December 2002 - 05:02 AM


The late Charles Pierce has got to be my favorite... and second would be Christopher Peters.

Lady Vic :-*
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Posted 13 December 2002 - 01:29 PM

In all due fairness I have to name 2 because I have my favorite 'girl' and my favorite 'boy/girl' they are:

Tasha Long and Victoria LePaige!!!!!!!

Without a doubt.
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#20 TerraWinters



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Posted 13 December 2002 - 04:40 PM

Dear Miss Thang,

Since I am an individual of self respect and supreme dignity i won't reply to your insult about Sasha the way my heart is telling me, but I am going to reply using my mind something you should've used before making your comment! If you are the type of person to judge someone's intelligence based on a question you are slightly small minded! Her use of EBONICS or improper english as it should be called is not keeping her from the crown sweetie! If you answer the question no matter your choice of verbage u completed the task set at hand!

Maybe you need to sit and talk with her before u state that she is hooked on ebonics!
I am done with the insult cause that is exactly what it was an insult not a comment and it should be removed! It offends me and all her fans and I am sure is she read it she wouldn't care about ur opinon any way because thats how she is!

Have a Nice Life Shady B !

Love Always,

Terra Winters Prestige
Number Fan of Sasha Valentino
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#21 CallieDouglas


    Drag Queen

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Posted 17 December 2002 - 03:39 PM

I too have many people i could list I wont list them all but just one.

Maya Douglas
the first national title holder i ever saw and she left an impression on me and I wont forget her.

Callie Douglas
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Much Love
Callie Douglas

#22 PatJentry



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Posted 17 December 2002 - 07:16 PM

Gigi Couture (beautiful Latina Goddess)
Sabrina White (WonderWoman)
Kofi (Have loved her since the first time I saw her plus I live for her MGA2003 talent)
Chevelle Brooks (Did big girl just do a split...did she just do another one?)
Catia Lee Love (Twirl Girl Twirl)


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Posted 18 December 2002 - 03:16 AM

Unfortunately, my two all-time FAVORITES are no longer with us. :'( :'(

Leslie Rage and CoCo

I will always love the both of them and cherish my memories of the fun we had every time we were able to be together!

Leslie's smile would light up a room...

CoCo's laugh and her crazy antics would lift anyone's spirits. She could truly shoot some Southern Comfort!!

Both of these DIVA's were the best dancers that I have ever seen grace our stages. Each of them extremely graceful and energetic, they gave true definition to the term, "entertainer."

All my love,

Aunt Lucci
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Posted 18 December 2002 - 11:44 PM

Terra darling looking at your post using your mind is obviously not something that you are used to doing. If you think that getting up there and answering the question at hand by telling everyone how happy you are to be there, how many family members you have in attendance, how many times you have stood before us, what you will do as the next Miss Continental and blah blah blah, hoping that most of us will forget what in the hell the question was to begin with, and speaking in a dialect that most of us can not understand as english proving just how deep in the ghetto you are from, that you have "completed the task at hand" you are sadly mistaken and need to sit down and take notes if you plan to ever go anywhere in the Continental system. It takes more than a "fishy" appearance to "be Continental". Proving my point I will leave you with two words "Michelle Dupree" do you think she won on beauty and poise? No she won with INTELLIGENCE!

(snap) NEXT
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Posted 19 December 2002 - 11:04 AM

My very favorite impersonators are also no longer with us. My "BEST IN THE BUSINESS" list would include such names as Amber Richards, Naomi Sims, the phenomenal Michael Andrews and NC"S Toni Lenoir...all gone, but living on as the legends that they are! The one living queen that I would choose now hasn't appeared on anyone's list here....but,
For her beauty, talent, consistent competitiveness, and pure perseverance...I live for Miss Kirby Kolby and I know that her biggest accomplishments are yet to come! I believe that Kirby deserves and will have a national title. Hopefully Miss Continental...mark my prediction! I know there was a lot of hoopla over Kirby's exit from the America system, but it was an isolated incident brought on, I think, by the many years and mega bucks that kirby put into her efforts to be Miss America and I personally felt that she was literally ROBBED of the title. I know I'll get flack for that statement, but it IS my opinion. I hope Kirby is able to prove that an entertainer of her magnitude can be successful and nationally known without winning one of Norman's private parties. Oooh, did I say that? You bet I did!
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Posted 19 December 2002 - 11:56 AM

OOps i forgot brandy alexander a former miss america... just fab!!! as far as the kirby kolby i do agree with all of your statements about her beauty,competitiveness,etc... i dont agree she was ever robbed of america... she was very close once or twice of winning... but not the last year when all the drama occurred. her talent was too sloppy... i was not surprised she didn't win... i wish her well in winning a title.. something she should definitely persue!!! good luck!
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#27 Carrie Fairfield

Carrie Fairfield

    Diva Extraordinaire!

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Posted 19 December 2002 - 05:47 PM

Inspiration and admiration from all walks of my life:

From my past:

Purina Chow - The PRIDE of NC- great friend and inspiration
Crystle Chante - Always entertaining
Kirby Kolby - NC's Pride
Ebony Black - A great friend - she'll be missed
Sable Chanel - GODDESS
Gemini Aviance - Club Diva Extraordinaire and dear friend
Jacklyn Hyde - Club Diva Extraordinaire
Felicia Powers - Momma and friend
Lauren Colby - One of my fav MGAs
Jessica Raye - Mouth of the South
Heather Daniels - DIVA
Stephanie St. Clare (Steven Wayne) - Great friend and one of the BEST Chers I have seen EVER!
John Hendrix - NC's Club Diva Extraordinaire
CeCe Douglas - RHPS Transvestite!
Naomi Ferrington - The first queen I ever saw
Celia Putty - TWISTED
The house casts of yester-year at CC and Legends in Raleigh, NC and all of my NC friends and entertainers.

From here and there:

Sabrina White - SISTER
Maya Montana - BEAUTY
Catia Lee Love - TWIRL
Kofi - All that and a pickle
Lady Miss Sparkle - Club Diva Extraordinaire
Vita Opulence - Club Diva Extraordinaire
HRH Alma Chilrens - Camp queen supreme
HRH Miss Kitty - MEOW
Ashton Taylor - Clog Gal Clog
Babs Seville - Always makes me laugh

This list could go on forever - there aren't too many performers I've seen and known that have not touched my life or inspired me or solidified life long memories - to all entertainers - thank you for being OUR inspirations - thank you for being original and thank you most of all for simply being you! GOSH - I'm getting all mushy!
"I can look flawless and so fishy on the stage - then you hear my voice and realize you can't put EVERYTHING on a Visa card."

Crystal Chante during Onstage Question - 1996 Miss North Carolina America Pageant

"Lights, camera, and me without a stitch of make-up on!"

Becki Leaman

#28 azdraghag



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Posted 19 December 2002 - 07:36 PM

I have a limited vantage point, but I can't imagine ever loving anyone more than Barbra Seville and the late, great Celia Putty. Will they ever work together again?! I sure hope so.

(I also loved Naomi Knight to death - as a performer - but so far I'm not sold on Chantelle Douglas, her new persona.)
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Posted 20 December 2002 - 11:18 AM

Miss Carrie fairfield you are so sweet, but you always have been!
As far as "CHERS" go, have you or anyone else here ever experienced Elgin Kenna (aka Kelly Allman) as Cher? Divine!! She used to make me so sick! She would walk by and the bitch even SMELLED like Cher!
Also, the great Charlie Brown of Atlanta. She's an old girl, and not the glamorous beauty that we seem to DEMAND in this business, but she's a top notch entertainer and deserves Kudos simply for being around and on a stage since what seems like the beginning of time!
Does anyone here remember any of the other Atlanta queens of the past? Like Tasha Wallace, Chena Black, Dina Jacobs, and (a girl that Carrie Fairfield would surely appreciate) Miss Lily White-the queen of rhinestones, rags and rock 'n'roll.
I could just go on and on about drag from the past. Most of my favorite drag is drag from the past. From the days when showbars had housecasts (and the spots were actually AUDITIONED for), choreographers that put together fantastic production numbers for every show, not just pageant talents. A lot of that is gone with the wind, probably because the queens aren't motivated to put that much time into a show when there's not enough money coming their way to make it worth all the time that goes into something like that. Used to be (many moons ago) that a job in a sizeable show bar was just that...a job! Performances SEVERAL nights a week, and days filled with rehearsals. That's what MADE many of the legends of the past and while it was sometimes grueling, truly dedicated queens honed and perfected their craft because it paid the bills! The girls were professionals at what they did and when the pageants rolled around the competition was FIERCE!
I know that pageant competition and the grind to stay on top is tough today too, but it is indeed very different than it used to be. A lot of today's girls can win a significant pageant and spend the entire rest of her career booking one nighters as a former-never being a "regular" in any particular place and maybe never doing another production number after that pageant talent. That's a completely different life than that of an entertainer 20-25 years ago
God I gotta quit this! I could go on forever. Not knocking anybody here...just reminiscing and noting the differences, and how things change over time. Thanks for the opportunity to do that.
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#30 Kitti D.

Kitti D.

    In Memorium

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Posted 20 December 2002 - 03:33 PM

Just for your information, I can tell you that Dina Jacobs is still alive and well and kicking. She resides in Honolulu and earlier this year was a judge at Miss Gay USofA in Dallas. Dina also recently told me that she will be in Dallas this year to attend Miss Gay USofA in May.
Some of the other's from days gone by are people like Rhonda Richards, Jerry Lynn, Mickey Day, Ronnie Russell, Tracy Adams, Roby Landers, Chris Roberts, Bunny Garland, Roxanne Cordova, and many many others....and let us not forget the Great Divine also....
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Always and with love Kitti Daniels

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